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    What is a Ducted Range Hood (Complete Guide)

    If you are considering a new range hood, you have probably considered a ducted hood. Great choice! But is that the best choice for you? And configurations you should consider when installing your new range hood. But what is a ducted range hood? Ducted range hoods (also know as ventilating hoods) are kitchen exhaust fans […] More

  • Woman In Kitchen With Blue Gloves Cleaning Range Hood

    How to Clean Your Baffle Filters (Easy Method)

    Range hoods are responsible for cleaning the air in your kitchen. So keeping those filters nice and clean is essential in order to keep your ranger working properly, but how do you actually clean a baffle filter. To clean your range hoods baffle filters, disassemble them, submerged them in hot water mixed with baking soda, […] More

  • Man Holding Up Mesh Range Hood Filter

    What are Mesh Filters? (Answered)

    But what are mesh filters? And do you need them for your range hood? Mesh filters are kitchen range hood filters that aid in the removal of airborne contaminants and grease from the air in your kitchen. When they get dirty, they can be washed and reused, saving you the trouble and expense of buying […] More