What Is an Insert Range Hood? Should You Buy one? (2022)

If you're building a custom range hood, you probably need an insert hood. These can be versatile and compact but are they right for your kitchen?

If you’re in the market for a new range hood, you’ve probably seen all the different types, including insert range hoods. But do you know what insert hoods are and how insert range hoods differ from other range hoods? The differences might not be so obvious.

This article will discuss insert range hoods, how they work, and whether they are the best fit for your kitchen. I will also offer suggestions for top-of-the-line insert range hoods you could use in your new kitchen remodeling project.

Insert hoods are a type of kitchen ventilation appliance. These powerful hood inserts may be concealed behind a hood made to order in any material, from wood to brick to metal, to complement the kitchen aesthetic. A kitchen range hood insert is frequently referred to as a liner

Image of a kitchen with wooden chairs, cabinets, a countertop, and a range hood. Source: shopify
Image of a kitchen with wooden chairs, cabinets, a countertop, and a range hood. Source: Shopify

What is an insert range hood?

One way to personalize a contemporary kitchen is with an insert hood or cabinet insert hood. It looks nice in any kitchen and can be put in the upper cabinets above the stove. It has the usual features of a range hood, like blowers, speed controls, and lighting systems, but it doesn’t have a ventilation system that works well. A kitchen range hood insert is frequently referred to as a liner

Mesh or baffle filters are included with certain hoods. These filters may be cleaned quickly and simply, either by hand or, in some cases, in the dishwasher. However, to make your hood ductless, you must install a recirculating kit. This kit will either use a stainless steel baffle filter or an aluminum mesh filter paired with a charcoal filter.

An insert hood is great if you want a custom hood but already have a standard ventilation appliance’s frame and basic functions. Taking this route also lets you tailor your ventilation setup to the specifics of your kitchen’s design.

Here is my current top pick for best Insert range hood.

  • 【Modern Design】: IKTCH Insert Range Hood is made from stainless steel, which has an elegant appearance and comes with remote control. The novel gesture sensing function gives you a whole new experience.
  • 【Powerful Airflow】: Maximum 900 CFM large airflow with good balance fans efficiently removes large amounts of smoke and cooking odors with ease from the air in your kitchen.
  • 【Ultra-Quiet Operation】: Customize your kitchen stove vent with the 4-speed setting to play with the suction and noise level. The noise level is at 40 decibels on the lowest setting and only 65dB max noise level.
  • 【Bright Energy Saving Lamps】: 2pcs 3W LED lights, adjustable brightness to meet your cooking need, can also save energy in your kitchen while emitting enough lights.
  • 【Superior Filtration】: Includes 3 matching dishwasher safe and easy removable stainless steel permanent filters to trap cooking grease and oil.

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What are the main features of an insert range hood?

Technology has enabled inserts with temperature sensors that turn on when the insert senses that the cooktop’s temperature has gone up or down. In some insert hoods, halogen lights on dimmer switches provide a touch of romance. In addition to giving enough light to the cooking surface, many modern stoves also have accent lighting that can be turned on or off.

Benefits of a range hood insert

Adding a ventilation unit, such as a range hood insert, may be a great purchase for several reasons.

1. Removes smells

We know how quickly you’d want to remove the residual stench from the kitchen. When put in an oven or stove, a range hood insert can help eliminate most of the odors from cooking.

2. Removes smoke

Even if you don’t usually burn your food, if you eat breakfast treats like bacon every day, the smoke could quickly fill your whole kitchen. To avoid setting off the smoke alarm, you may try leaving every window open and turning on every fan, or you could simply install a range hood insert.

3. Removes grease

Concerning the morning meal, most breakfast meats might leave a greasy film on your pots and pans and on your kitchen’s walls, curtains, and drapes. Grease particles will stick to every surface in the kitchen if there isn’t enough ventilation, like with a range hood installation. These stains can be awful. Thankfully, grease can’t go through the kitchen without a range hood insert to catch it in its filters.

4. Light up your cooktop

In many cases, a range hood insert will have its lighting to illuminate better your cooktop and the room, which is helpful if you need extra illumination while working there. It’s a stylish upgrade that will improve your kitchen’s functionality.

What CFM rating should an insert range hood have

Even though ducted range hood inserts are the norm, non-ducted options exist. The one with ducts is better because it pulls in more air from the outside and collects more oil and smoke from the stovetop.

However, the ductless kind only filters out a fraction of the gases and doesn’t bring in any new air from the outside. On the other hand, ductless inserts have a higher CFM rating since they only recycle the hot air after purifying it.

What are insert range hoods used for?

One of the main things a range hood insert does is fit into a space that already exists. This allows for a lot of design customization in your kitchen.

Another reason inserts are used is to exchange the hot air generated while cooking with cooler, fresh air from outside. As a result, you and your loved ones will be protected from the dangerous gases that might otherwise enter the air.

Additionally, the insert may have a lighting system that lights up the cooktop. This makes time in the kitchen more pleasant and useful.

The ventilation system in the range hood insert stops bacteria or germs that may have grown in grease drips from the stove from spreading. A range hood insert is a good investment because it can complete the look of a room and raise the home’s resale value.

Image of a kitchen painted in white with cabinets, a stove, and range hood above it. Source: kitchen, pixabay
An image of a kitchen painted in white with cabinets, a stove, and a range hood above it. Source: kitchen, pixabay

To most people, “hood insert” refers to a liner that also functions as the hood’s fan, lights, and control panel. Therefore, the inspected component would not be in the liner or the insert.

If you want even more tips and insights, watch this video called “How to Install A Range Hood Insert Motor Into A Custom Hood” from the Appliance Educator YouTube Channel.

This video called “How to Install A Range Hood Insert Motor Into A Custom Hood” from the Appliance Educator YouTube Channel.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you still have questions? Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about range hood inserts.

What is a range hood?

Range hoods are important in every kitchen because smells, smoke, and potentially dangerous particles are released into the air when you cook. The air around the stove is sucked through filters or a conduit and then vented outside using strong fans.

To keep the kitchen air and food safe, pollutants, including smoke, heat, moisture, and tiny food particles, are either filtered out or eliminated.

What is CFM?

Range hood performance is often expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Increases in CFM indicate increased air velocity. It will probably also make more noise in the room, but the manufacturer will give you acoustic data to help you choose the quietest option within your desired CFM range.

Does an outside vent have to be installed for a range hood to function?

Do stove hoods need to have external venting? However, ductless range hoods may be used to recycle the air in your kitchen. However, a ducted range hood is the most effective way to purify the air in your kitchen. It will remove the exhaust from your kitchen rather than just redirect the flow.

Is an insert hood the same as a hood liner?

A kitchen range hood insert is frequently referred to as a liner.


Now that you know the differences between the insert and other range hoods, it’s time to choose yours. The design of your kitchen is also a deciding factor. Depending on your budget and requirements, select one with just the right features as per your needs.

This article covered an insert range hood, its main features, and its benefits. Here are some key takeaways:

Key takeaways

  • One way to personalize a contemporary kitchen is with an insert hood or cabinet insert hood.
  • A kitchen range hood insert is frequently referred to as a liner because it adds another layer to an existing hood.
  • An insert range hood is an important part of your kitchen in terms of how it works and looks.
  • To a large extent, if not entirely, all insert hoods are made of stainless steel.
  • Cooktop hood liners and inserts Inserts for your range hood, also referred to as liners, may be purchased separately and installed in a bespoke hood or cabinets.

So, do you have an insert in your range hood? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below (I read and reply to every comment). If you found this article helpful, check out my full blog for more tips and tricks in your kitchen. Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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