What Is Tempered Glass? Is it Safe on a Range Hood?

Are you curious about what tempered glass is and what benefits it has? Then read on to find out more about this innovative range hood material.

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Have you seen those curved-glass range hoods? That is not ordinary glass; it is tempered glass. But what exactly is tempered glass? And will tempering glass result in a good, long-lasting hood?

This article will define tempered glass and whether it suits your range hood. We will also discuss the advantages of using tempered glass range hoods and why they are popular among home cooks. So keep reading to find everything you need about tempered glass range hoods!

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that has been treated to withstand extreme heat. It is used in many different applications, including range hoods.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, is a type of safety glass strengthened through chemical or thermal treatments. The tempering compresses the outer surfaces while tensioning the interiors. These stresses cause the glass to crumble into multiple chunks rather than splinter into various shards when it breaks. These small pieces are less likely to cause an injury.

Image of two men inspecting a tempered glass range hood. Source: adobe stock
Image of two men inspecting a tempered glass range hood. Source: adobe stock
My favorite range hood (at the moment):

COSMO COS-63190S Wall Mount Range Hood

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My favorite range hood (at the moment):

COSMO COS-63190S Wall Mount Range Hood

This is one of the best hoods available at this price point. Reasonably strong CFM for the cost, and it has received rave reviews (over 3,800 reviews!). It looks great, and the LED lights provide a pleasant brightness. For the price, its performance and style are outstanding. Highly recommended!

Tempered glass vs. stainless steel range hood

Although glass and stainless steel range hoods serve the same function in your kitchen, there are some key differences.

Glass Range Hood

Glass range hoods are commonly used in minimalistic kitchens because they are sleek, elegant, and take up little space. More importantly, they are clear and do not obstruct the view. A curved glass range hood is the latest trend because it is both functional and attractive and blends perfectly with modern décor.

Stainless Steel Range Hood

Stainless steel range hoods are heavier, bulkier, and designed for larger kitchens with plenty of space. They are better suited to kitchens subjected to continuous and heavier cooking for large families. This is why commercial kitchens and restaurants have stainless steel range hoods and other stainless steel appliances.

The benefits of a curved tempered glass range hood

Tough glass has multiple benefits. Some of the most known benefits of tempered glass are as follows:

  • A Minimalist look.
  • It makes your kitchen space look larger.
  • Tempered glass does not break into large shards. Instead, it disintegrates into smaller chunks that do not cause any harm.
  • Heat Resistant Glass is heat-resistant up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Crystal clear.
  • Non-Scratchable.

Below are some of the more popular tempered glass range hoods on the market.

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The drawbacks to a curved tempered glass range hood

There are also significant drawbacks to getting this kind of range hood.

  • It always looks dusty.
  • It always looks greasy.
  • Have to work on cleaning it, so it doesn’t have streaks.
  • The capture area is very small as it’s mostly glass rather than baffles, so more just sticks to the bottom of the glass.

If you have one with a full-sized hood insert and glass around it for decor, the last con would be alleviated, and it might not get as greasy underneath, but it would still be a major cleaning issue to keep it looking nice. My hood is made of brass, and the canopy keeps the dust at bay. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cleaned; it gets dusted regularly, but it doesn’t show when it does.

If you want even more tips and insights, watch this video called “What is Tempered Glass?” from The Craftsman Blog YouTube Channel.

A video called “What is Tempered Glass?” from The Craftsman BlogYouTube Channel.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you still have questions? Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about tempered glass range hoods.

Which range hoods are the easiest to clean?

Stainless steel is a popular material for range hoods because it is durable, easy to clean, and requires little upkeep. Many other kitchen appliances and stainless steel cookware will complement a stainless steel hood.

Are high-priced range hoods worthwhile?

Purchasing a more expensive, higher-quality hood is worthwhile in the long run. You won’t have to spend as much money on replacement parts later. Not to mention that a low-quality hood may fail after a few years. Then you’ll have to buy a new hood, which isn’t cheap.

Do tempered glass range hoods outperform standard range hoods?

Some say tempered glass range hoods are considered superior to standard range hoods because they are more resistant to breakage and emit less heat. Others believe that standard range hoods perform equally well and that there is no discernible difference between the two. The best way to determine whether a tempered glass range hood is right for you is to put it to the test and see if it improves your cooking experience.


So now you can see some of the benefits and drawbacks of a tempered glass range. The glass might look a bit better at the start, but the novelty will wear off quickly after cleaning it every time you cook!

This article covered what tempered glass is and provided an answer to the question of whether it is good for your range hood. Here are some key takeaways:

Key takeaways

  • Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, is a type of safety glass strengthened through chemical or thermal treatments.
  • Tempered glass hoods often look dusty or greasy, or both.
  • Grease is a very big problem in kitchens because of the increased usage of different types and brands of cooking oils,
  • A CFM is a measurement of airflow. This is the cubic feet per minute that passes through your range hood each time you turn it on.
  • A ventilation system prevents smoke and odor from escaping from your home while ensuring that you can cook safely without inhaling toxins or dangerous particles.

So, which one do you prefer, a tempered glass range hood or an ordinary stainless steel one? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below (I read and reply to every comment). If you found this article helpful, check out my full blog for more tips and tricks in your kitchen. Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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